Dr. Tripathi can't be beat. He's the best there is for TJ prep, SAT prep and general math/science tutoring.


"Dr. Tripathi is an amazing, brilliant tutor. He has tutored my children for over ten years. As a result of his tutoring, I have children who were accepted at TJ, children who were National Merit Finalists on the PSAT, children who achieved very high SAT scores and attained acceptances at prestigious universities, including several Ivy League colleges. He recently mentored my youngest son on his Intel STS project in which he was named an Intel semi-finalist. All of Dr. Tripathi’s students absolutely love him. He truly makes learning fun and high goals achievable." (Ms. Mills, mother of three of my students)

"Dr. Tripathi has given me a new insight in math and exam-taking; my greatest take-away from him being "No question is hard, when you understand how to do it." Before his classes, I was studying completely irrelevant topics without having the basics down, but now not only did he teach me how to manipulate algebraic expressions, he taught me how to learn; my most prized skill attending the magnet high school [TJHSST] I've been accepted into, thanks to him."[49/50 Math; 48/50 verbal] (S.H.)

"Dr. Tripathi, Without your continued dedication and guidance, it would not have been possible for me to gain acceptance t TJ. TJ is an amazing school and without your help, I would not be going there. Thank you once again. "[50/50 Math; 49/50 verbal] (V.C.)

"I got 48 in math and 44 in English. I know I couldn't have done it without you." (A.K.)

"Based on what I heard from N., you have instantly become his favorite teacher!" (R.C.)

"Our son applied to TJ from a middle school that has a poor track record in terms of having students accepted to TJ. Dr. Tripathi went above and beyond to help our son prepare for the test, tirelessly answered questions, and regularly offered feedback. You get the sense that he really gets to know each student and his or her learning strengths and weaknesses. Our son heads to TJ in the fall and we are very grateful to Dr. Tripathi for helping him get there. We highly recommend Tripathi Learning & Enrichment Center!" (E.B.)

"Thank you so much. I got a perfect score on the TJ test. Couldn't have it done without you." [50/50 Math; 50/50 Verbal] (T.G.)

"I am emailing you with the news that I got into TJ! I have many people to thank for this accomplishment and you are at the top of my list along with my parents. I could never have done it without you so thank you so much." [49/50 Math, 49/50 Verbal] (S.B)

"Congratulations! We are very happy to inform you that J. got offer for admission from TJ ... (in addition to [Loudoun County’s Academy of Sciences]). We are again very thankful for the coaching that you provided to him to be successful in these tests." [49/50 Math; 48/50 Verbal] (J.S.)

"Just got R.'s TJ offer letter. We are thrilled! Beyond words! And we have to thank you for your prep classes." [49/50 Math; 47/50 Verbal] (S.P., part of a TJ student)

"Thank you so much for your help, your class helped me so much, I don't think I would've gotten in without your class!" (A.S.)

"R. and S. got in! … They both really enjoyed coming to your classes. They are very happy and sending their thanks and regards to you." [49/50 Math, 49/50 Verbal] (L.R.)

"Dr. Tripathi has helped me reinforce many concepts that have helped me be more proficient in problem solving. Although I am studying for two hours on a weekend at his classes, Dr. Tripathi always keeps them interesting making me want to continue learning from him. I enjoy his sessions and have learnt from them a lot." (N.R.)

"Dr. Tripathi can't be beat.  He's the best there is for TJ prep, SAT prep and general math/science tutoring.  Plus, the kids absolutely love him.  Because of Dr. Tripathi my children have achieved the following:

 TJ class of 2009

 PSAT Nat'l Merit Finalist

 SAT score - 2310

TJ class of 2016" (N.M, mother of three of my students)

"Please contact Dr. Tripathi. He teaches in McLean and is considered the best in the area for TJ prep." (from a parent of two of my TJ students to another parent looking for TJ prep)

"Dr. Tripathi is wonderful teacher...He takes young men and women on a great journey of science and logic. He bestows on them a desire to achieve the highest goals and gives them the confidence in their ability to do so." (S.L., A Montgomery Blair Parent)

"You. made it possible."  (A.N., A TJHSST graduate)

"I couldn't have made it to TJ without your help. You are a super teacher." (K.D., A TJHSST graduate. 

"A. excelled on the test; thanks to you, he is going to TJ!!!" (J.R., parent of a TJ student)

 "Thanks to you, I made it to TJ... What can I say." (J.T., A TJHSST graduate)

"You have really made a difference in my life. Before I met you, I thought that math was boring... But you showed me that math could be fun... Now I have no trouble getting an A in math." (D.L., A TJHSST graduate)

 "My daughter has never been this excited about math. You have set sparks in her brain... She loves the way you teach." (D.M., after her child's first class)

"I am really glad that I came to you for my TJ prep because you have taught me more than I thought I could learn. You are truly a great teacher and if every teacher in school could be like you, students would never have to stress about school ever again." (D.C., a TJ prep student accepted to TJ)

"I also want to thank you for everything you have taught me, from calculus to the fact that if I work for something, I can achieve it. You have been such blessing in my life, and moving forward I hope I can continue to do you proud." (a TJ prep, PSAAT and SAT prep student who attended TJ)

"Everything I learned in math, I learned from Dr. Tripathi." (C.S., A Stanford graduate.)

"It is your excellent teaching style that has improved O. to a point that he has scored a perfect score in his Algebra Honors. "  (Mother of our TJ Prep student). "I wanted to inform you that O. earned a perfect score on his Algebra Honors assessment this morning!  I am extremely proud of his efforts." (The student's math teacher)

Additional reviews from our students and their parents can be found on our Google+ page.