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Dr. Tripathi shares his experience from 24 years of TJ Prep training to over 1400 students. Important aspects of TJ test Prep and admissions to TJHSST (TJ) are discussed.

2014 Winter Round TJHSST Semifinalists Prepare to Complete their SIS.

The semifinalists were announced on Friday, January 16, 2015. Now the semifinalists will complete Student Information Sheet on January 24th, a crucial input to the finalist selection process. Ifyou have any doubt about the significance of the SIS in the admissions process please read my thoughts on the importance of SIS. At this point, your test scores, grades and recommendations are beyond your control, however, what you input on the SIS is still totally within your control. This is your only somewhat open-ended opportunity, within space and other constraints, to articulate why you deserve to be a TJHSST student. While it is incumbent upon you to put your best foot forward, it is also your responsibility to be honest, accurate and effective in articulating why your academic and extracurricular achievements, to date, have uniquely preparedyo to not only enrich your own life and academics at TJ but those of others. May each deserving and well-qualified semifinalist become a finalist. Good luck.