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TJ EntranceTest Prep Class Announcements, Tips and other important news for students aspiring to attend the TJHSST.

SIS/Math/Problem Solving Essay Workshop

A four hours long Workshop will be held on Friday, February 2, 2018 to provide guidance/help with 2nd phase of 2017-18 Winter Round TJ Admissions. The Workshop will cover over 25-40 SIS Questions and at least 15 different Math or Problem/Solving Essays to cover a wide variety of concepts. There will be time for individual question answer.  Space is strictly limited and preference will be given to Dr.  Tripathi's TJ Prep students. Dr. Tripathi  worked as a mathematical modeling researcher for 18 years prior to starting Tripathi Learning and Enrichment center. For further information please contact us.

TJHSST (2014) Results Highlight Our TJ Admission Prep Exceptional Success

2014 Winter round TJHSST Admissions results were announced over a week ago. While, I have not heard from all my students, of the 18 finalist over 13 have scored over 43 in both sections. At least three have got a perfect score in one section, at least one student got 49/50 in both sections.At least 6 have scored 46 or more in one section.

Once again, our students have proven the strength of our unique individualized training by performing at the 95th percentile or higher on the TJHSST admission test. This statistic, fails to capture the true depth of achievement of the Optimal TJ Prep Program. While good students may succeed in any program, we believe the true strengths of a prep program lie in its ability to bring out the best in each child regardless of where she or he stands and regardless of his or her socioeconomic status. A truly capable and individualized program can dramatically improve and enhance the critical reading, logical reasoning and mathematical problem solving abilities. To this end, I will cite the results of two students- one who was accepted to TJ and the other who was not accepted to TJ despite making phenomenal progress. The first student began in 6th grade, shortly after arriving from abroad. At the outset he performed at a level of 70th-75th percentile in math and at < 50th percentile on verbal (primarily due to slow critical reading speed and weak performance on scramble paragraphs), as predicted by our TJ Prep Readiness Index. The student finished at 95th percentile in math (48/50) and 71st in verbal (43/50) and will be a freshman at TJ next year. The other student started at less than 30th percentile on the TJ Readiness index and about 40th percentile in verbal. He scored above 60th percentile in math and above 50th percentile in verbal on the test.

However, as has invariably happened since 2001, two of our students were not accepted to TJ despite their excellent scores (one who got 44 (V) 86th percentile & 43 (M) or 80th percentile, and the other who got 44 in each section) and very high, nearly 4 GPA. These two students were with our program for three months just before the TJ test. They will most likely attempt to transfer to TJ as a sophomore. If you know most common reasons behind the failure to get admission to TJ, please read our blog Why many intelligent students fail to get accepted to TJHSST (TJ). Our experience further underscores the need to start early and to find the best TJ Admissions Prep Program for your child.

Winter Round 2014 TJHSST Semifinalist Prepare for Completing the Student Information Sheet (SIS).

The Semifinalists were announced yesterday. They must now prepare in the best possible way to complete their Student Information Sheet (SIS). The process will be completed online on January 24, 2015. It is a crucial part of the 2nd phase of the TJHSST selection process. If you have any doubt about how important the SIS is, please read my blog post. Your grades, test scores and recommendations, at this point, are beyond your control, the SIS is not. This is your opportunity to show why "you are made to be a TJHSST student." While you have to be truthful, you must also take the pain to carefully articulate why you have what it takes to enrich the TJ experience not just for yourself but for others. Good luck to each semifinalist in this endeavor. May each deserving semifinalist become a finalist.

TJ Test Prep Classes for Winter Round 2015

Our TJHSST Admission Test Prep Classes are starting now for 5th through 7th grade students. TJ Entrance Test for admission to 9th grade is a one shot deal! Starting early is the best way to make steady, fundamental improvements in your student's abilities. Our approach ids flexible. Our no-cost, no-obligation assessment enables us to compute your student's TJ Prep Readiness Index, which in turn tells us when to start and how intensively to proceed to make best possible progress.  You can learn about the unique benefits of our our TJ Admission Test Prep Classes here. 

Countdown to the TJ Admissions Test- A Little Over 5 weeks Left...

What should you do and what you should not do...

If someone is telling you that it is too late to do anything about the TJHSST (TJ) Exam this year, do not believe it. With proper mindset and appropriate guidance, you can still make a big difference in your performance level no matter where you stand. The key is to understand what is holding back your achievement? Is it math, reading, scrambled paragraphs or logical reasoning? Once your weakness(es) are identified, with targeted effort, you can work to improve your performance. If you want to see how, please contact us now.

Whether you have been studying diligently on your own or you have been preparing with another tutoring program, and you feel that you are good shape, please realize the following:

  • TJHSST Admissions Test is a one shot deal so there is no room for overconfidence. Every Spring, a few students contact me to see how they can get ready for getting into TJ as a sophomore. They invariably add, "I wish I had contacted you earlier..." For you, it is still not too late.
  • Start reviewing and testing your performance under timed conditions.
  • You should do everything to find out where you stand against again your competition. We can help you in determining how effective your preparation has been... Over two decades of experience in preparing students for the TJ admissions exam has uniquely enabled us to predict your performance on the TJHSST admission exam with high reliability. Knowing where you stand today can be the best motivator to help you prepare for the TJHSST admission test and to not only achieve superior results but to stand out among your competition. We can show you how to do this now! So if you are seriously interested in attending TJ, please contact us today without further delay.