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Countdown to the TJ Admissions Test- A Little Over 5 weeks Left...

What should you do and what you should not do...

If someone is telling you that it is too late to do anything about the TJHSST (TJ) Exam this year, do not believe it. With proper mindset and appropriate guidance, you can still make a big difference in your performance level no matter where you stand. The key is to understand what is holding back your achievement? Is it math, reading, scrambled paragraphs or logical reasoning? Once your weakness(es) are identified, with targeted effort, you can work to improve your performance. If you want to see how, please contact us now.

Whether you have been studying diligently on your own or you have been preparing with another tutoring program, and you feel that you are good shape, please realize the following:

  • TJHSST Admissions Test is a one shot deal so there is no room for overconfidence. Every Spring, a few students contact me to see how they can get ready for getting into TJ as a sophomore. They invariably add, "I wish I had contacted you earlier..." For you, it is still not too late.
  • Start reviewing and testing your performance under timed conditions.
  • You should do everything to find out where you stand against again your competition. We can help you in determining how effective your preparation has been... Over two decades of experience in preparing students for the TJ admissions exam has uniquely enabled us to predict your performance on the TJHSST admission exam with high reliability. Knowing where you stand today can be the best motivator to help you prepare for the TJHSST admission test and to not only achieve superior results but to stand out among your competition. We can show you how to do this now! So if you are seriously interested in attending TJ, please contact us today without further delay.