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Winter Round 2014 TJHSST Semifinalist Prepare for Completing the Student Information Sheet (SIS).

The Semifinalists were announced yesterday. They must now prepare in the best possible way to complete their Student Information Sheet (SIS). The process will be completed online on January 24, 2015. It is a crucial part of the 2nd phase of the TJHSST selection process. If you have any doubt about how important the SIS is, please read my blog post. Your grades, test scores and recommendations, at this point, are beyond your control, the SIS is not. This is your opportunity to show why "you are made to be a TJHSST student." While you have to be truthful, you must also take the pain to carefully articulate why you have what it takes to enrich the TJ experience not just for yourself but for others. Good luck to each semifinalist in this endeavor. May each deserving semifinalist become a finalist.