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Most effective & oldest TJ Test Prep Program helping students score above 90th percentile on each section of the test. Serving students from McLean, VA.

Best TJHSST Admissions Exam Preparation

The new TJ Admission test has become the TJ test. As the designer of the oldest TJ test Prep program, I have seen the TJ admission test and admissions policies go through many changes in over 26 years. I stand ready to help your child do his or her very best on the test despite any increase in test difficulty. My students found the new TJ test as expected:

“M. said that the  math questions were very similar to the challenge problems she did with you in classes.” - C.R. (Mother, after 2018-19 test)

“E. said that the  math questions were very close to what she did with you during the last 2 sessions. To quote her exactly: 'Dr, Tripathi's math problems were dead on point.'  We really appreciate your help with her preparation for the test!” - L.R. (Father, after 2017-18 test)

“There were no math concepts that we did not cover in (your) class.” - K.I. a student)

TJ Winter Round 2018 update- Once again, our students excelled on TJ. Over half a dozen score above 90th percentile in all three areas; over 15 scored above 90th percentile in two areas. At least 8 students scored at or above 98th percentile one or more areas.

TJ Winter Round 2017 update- The new TJ showed that our students excelled; over 14 students scored above 95th percentile.

TJ Winter Round 2016 is over. As in the years past, my students found the test easy, and over 94% of the students who attended the class for over four months were accepted in the first phase.

TJ Winter Round 2015 update- As in the previous 24 years, our students have done very well on the TJ admission test. Over 91% of students were accepted in the first phase. Several of our top students got only a couple wrong in each section, scoring as high as 99/100.

You are here because you are interested in attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). The three most important things you must note and remember are:

  • Optimal TJ Prep is the oldest and most effective TJ Exam Prep service helping students since 1993, and over 1100 of our students have been accepted to TJ. In addition, we have helped about two dozen students transfer to TJ in 10th grade and higher.

  • Optimal TJ Prep provides you a no-cost, no-risk assessment and TJ Prep Readiness Index which will tell you exactly where you stand vis a vis your competition. This information is invaluable and you can't obtain it elsewhere without taking the actual TJ Admission exam.

  • The vast majority of our students who followed our guidance and lesson plan diligently have scored above 90th percentile in each section of the TJ admission test for over 24 years. Now it is your turn to achieve similar success with our training.

Please read the general information about OptimalTJPrep program below, review the unique benefits of OptimalTJPrep classes then contact us to schedule our proprietary TJ Admission Readiness Assessment.

Our TJ Test Prep Motto & Philosophy: TJ Admission Exam Made Easy

“If we teach you something and you do not understand it, it is our fault!”

We teach you to understand new concepts and methods in terms of what you already know. This process requires you to review sufficiently so that you can internalize what you learn and apply it to solve new problems.

We focus on fundamentally improving problem solving skills by teaching you to reason logically. We are old-fashioned – we do not teach you how to guess. Instead, we teach you how to systematically solve problems in a step-by-step manner. As your knowledge and proficiency improve, we will teach you more efficient ways of solving even the most difficult problems.

Our Teacher

All our TJ Prep Training and instruction is conducted personally by Dr. Vijay Tripathi who has been preparing students for TJ Admissions Test since 1993. We do not use part time or full staff which changes from year to year or even from from day to day. Dr. Tripathi personally teaches and understands the needs,  strengths and  weaknesses of each of his students. Dr. Tripathi has extensive experience in teaching students of all abilities, from academically very weak to very strong. He has a rare gift for bringing out the best in each of his students. 

Our Techniques

We first determine your current strengths and weaknesses. Next, we advise you on the amount of effort needed to reach your goal (how often you should come to class and how much review and practice you should perform at home). 

We evaluate your progress on an ongoing basis and recommend any necessary adjustments in class frequency and effort requirements. The objective is to raise your performance to a level sufficient to do well on the TJ test.

The uniqueness of our instructional method is our ability to teach you in terms of what you already know. We never teach you "over your head." The compliment we receive most often is, "You make it so easy!"

At Optimal TJ Prep, we provide the only way for you to determine how you stack against successful TJ admissions applicants based on twenty years of historical information. 

TJ Test Prep Index

Based on your performance on TJ Prep Readiness Assessment, your performance during the guest class and our internal historical data of TJ test results of our students since 1993, we have created a unique TJ Prep Index which predicts the level of effort and duration required to increase a student's performance to 90th percentile or higher on the TJ admissions test.  Our TJ Prep Index is used to recommend ideal effort level (class, self-study and homework) to produce top scores on the TJ test. To predict a child’s performance on the new TJ T Math section, we have developed, validated and introduced the Quant Q Performance Simulator Index (QQPSI).

Material Covered in Our TJ Exam Preparation Program

 We thoroughly cover all aspects of the TJ test in our TJ prep program including, mathematical problem solving skills and all relevant mathematical concepts, critical reading skills, vocabulary, logical reasoning skills and the often dreaded scrambled paragraphs which carry twice the weight as other problems. We have a unique system to make scrambled paragraphs easy for our students of all abilities. For math and reading areas, we strive to give our students the same performance as those of TJ's rising sophomore. This may sound like an overkill, however, it ensures that our TJ prep students get top-notch scores often in the high 90th percentiles!

Our TJ Test Prep: Initial Steps

We give our new students a diagnostic test. Your performance on the test and the time required to complete it provide us with an initial measurement of your abilities and skill level.

The next step is to attend a guest class in which we thoroughly analyze your diagnostic test results in view of your in-class performance. We establish how you stack up against the approximately 3,000 students who will be your competition in the applicant pool. The guest class also allows you to determine if you like the way we teach. 

This analysis, coupled with our two decades of TJ prep experience, shapes our recommendation regarding when you should start to prepare, how often you should come to class, and the amount of effort you should devote at home to fundamentally and significantly enhance your performance level.

Effectiveness & Benefits  of Our  TJHSST Admission Exam Prep Program

The problems you thought you could never solve become easy.

The problems that required a lot of time to complete can now be solved much more quickly.

The problem solving techniques you learn do not only help you with the TJ test – they remain with you throughout your academic career.

Some Of Our Students’ Testimonials

"Thank you so much. I got a perfect score on the TJ test. Couldn't have it done without you." [50/50 Math; 50/50 Verbal] (T.G.)"

"I am emailing you with the news that I got into TJ! I have many people to thank for this accomplishment and you are at the top of my list along with my parents. I could never have done it without you so thank you so much." [49/50 Math, 49/50 Verbal] (S.B)

"Congratulations! We are very happy to inform you that J. got offer for admission from TJ ... (in addition to [Loudoun County’s Academy of Sciences]). We are again very thankful for the coaching that you provided to him to be successful in these tests." [49/50 Math; 48/50 Verbal] (J.S.)

"Thank you so much for your help, your class helped me so much, I don't think I would've gotten in without your class!" (A.S.)

"R. and S. got in! … They both really enjoyed coming to your classes. They are very happy and sending their thanks and regards to you." [49/50 Math, 49/50 Verbal] (L.R.)

"Dr. Tripathi has helped me reinforce many concepts that have helped me be more proficient in problem solving. Although I am studying for two hours on a weekend at his classes, Dr. Tripathi always keeps them interesting making me want to continue learning from him. I enjoy his sessions and have learnt from them a lot." (N.R.)

"Dr. Tripathi can't be beat.  He's the best there is for TJ prep, SAT prep and general math/science tutoring.  Plus, the kids absolutely love him.  Because of Dr. Tripathi my children have achieved the following:

TJ class of 2009

PSAT Nat'l Merit Finalist

SAT score - 2310

TJ class of 2016" (N.M, mother of three of my students)

To improve your student’s chance of achieving similar success, please contact OptimalTJPrep to schedule an initial assessment.  To find out how close you are to successful TJ admissions applicants, please make an appointment to take our TJ Prep readiness assessment.