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Proven, most effective TJHSST, magnet & private high school admission test (SSAT, HSPT, Blair) Prep Program. Also offer SAT, ACT & PSAT prep and help raise grades from D/F to A in math and science subjects.

Optimal TJ Prep

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Dr. Vijay Tripathi founded Tripathi Learning and Enrichment Center in 1993. During the past 25 years he has taught over 13,000 students in a variety of academic subjects. He received a PhD (Applied Earth Sciences: Environmental Geochemistry) from Stanford University.

In addition to TJ test prep, we offer SAT prep and ACT Prep and academic tutoring and enrichment designed to improve your mastery of math and science at all levels andraise your grades to A's. Every year dozens of our students go from B or below to a B+ or above in algebra, geometry to precalculus and calculus on one hand to chemistry, physics, and biology on the other.

Most of our students attend small group classes (typically 3 to 9 students)  and do exceedingly well. For those in extreme need, Dr. Tripathi offers one-on-one classes. Some students with weaker foundations prefer to begin with a few individual sessions before transitioning to group classes.

 Dr. Tripathi also offers online classes for students who live outside the Washington DC metro area.