Unique Benefits

Unique advantages our TJ Admission Exam prep classes offer to improve your child's competitiveness are presented. All instructions are provided by Dr. Tripathi.

Optimal TJ Prep Brings Unique Benefits To TJHSST Admission Applicants

OptimalTJPrep, is the oldest and most effective TJHSST Admission Test Prep program, with over two decades of experience. The program has been totally redesigned to accommodate the new three section TJHSST admission with Quant Q math, ACT science and ACT Aspire reading. Our program not only coverall aspects of the test, it measures, identifies, warns and helps correct deficiencies in each students. Based on a continued evaluation of progress, I recommend and adjust suitable class frequency on an ongoing basis.

Whether you are a very strong or a weak student at present, our training coupled with your diligence will significantly improve your performance in all areas of the TJ Test. Your performance (absolute and relative, as measured by the percentile score) on the TJ Admission Test will improve and so will your confidence.

We tailor every aspect of our program to your specific needs and potential. Optimal TJ Prep offers unique advantages (not available anywhere else) to you:

  • Demonstrated high achievement on the new TJ test. Over a dozen students scored above 92nd percentile in Math, English and Science in 2016 and 2017; several scored above 96th percentile, including one whose score was rounded to 100!

  • Almost 20 years ago Dr. Tripathi developed the TJ Readiness Index. Since 2016, he has been developing our Quant Q Performance Simulator Index (QQPSI). The problem set was first developed over two decades ago for evaluating my students’ mastery and application of math concepts. It has been adapted and validated against our internal data since 2016. Starting in March 2019 we are providing our estimate of Quant Q score in the form QQPSI (range from 0 to 99.99). Students who join optimalTJPrep are evaluated on QQPSI on an ongoing basis to continuously evaluate their progress.

  • A unique method of improving performance on the new TJ test, especially the math section. Several students contacted me saying that they had attended other programs, dud very well in English and science yet scored below 40th percentile in math.

  • With 26 years of experience preparing students for the TJHHST admission process, we are uniquely able to assess your child’s readiness against his/her competition. This is essential for success as it eliminates the fear of not knowing how your child stacks again his or her competition.

  • We use techniques proven by our two decades of TJ Admission Test Prep experience to fill gaps and improve your child’s problem solving skills in all areas, including math, reading, logical reasoning, scrambled paragraphs and essay writing. All of these techniques are tailored to the needs and potential of your child.

  • We develop a personalized plan, class frequency and required effort at home, for your child that lays out the effort he or she needs to make between now and the test date to achieve a score of 90th percentile or higher on the TJ test. We do this by using markers which enable each student to be aware of how he/she compares with the very best.

  • We work to dramatically improve your performance in all areas namely 1) advanced math that matches and exceeds  the new TJ test math 2) critical reading and evidence-based reasoning 3) science reasoning  4) logical reasoning 5) SIS and Math/Science Problem Solving essay writing and 6) overall excellence.

  • Over two decades, a large number of students have not only done well on the TJHSST Admission test, but scored above 90th percentile!

  • We do not rely on other part- or full-time staff for teaching. All our students are personally taught by Dr. Tripathi who is aware of his students' progress and periodically advises changes to their effort level as needed.

  • We provide ongoing feedback about your child's progress and recommend adjustments in class frequency and effort-level at home. This ensures optimal progress and avoids stagnation.

If you want to learn what our students and parents are saying please read the testimonials. If you wish to acquaint yourself with the history and facts about TJ Test and Test Prep, TJ Exam Prep facts. If you want to find out the specifics of the OptimalTJ Prep Program, please our TJHSST exam preparation program. If, as many parents do after reading the facts about our program, you want to find out whether your child is ready for the challenge of TJ admission and where he stands vis a vis his competition, please contact us for our TJ Test Readiness Assessment.