TJ Prep Problems

TJ test prep practice problems  for our students and readers. The problems provide a very small sampling of what Optimal TJ Prep students work with.

A Logic Problem for TJ/Montogomery Blair/Poolesville Prep. (Medium). Target Time. 30-40 seconds.

If An Apple falls from a tree it will hit a physicist on her head. Assuming only the preceding statement, which of the following conclusions must be true?

  1. An apple fell from the tree but it missed the physicist's head.
  2. If two apples fall from a tree, only one will hit the physicist in her head.
  3. If an apple fell from a tree, strong wind must be lowing.
  4. If the physicist was not hit on the head, the apple did not fall.
  5. If an falls it will break in two pieces.

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