TJ Prep Problems

TJ test prep practice problems  for our students and readers. The problems provide a very small sampling of what Optimal TJ Prep students work with.

A Mixture Problem for SAT/PSAT/AOS/TJ/SHSAT Prep. (Difficult). Target Time. 25-60 seconds.

A food chemist Adya is trying to mix two brands of salsa to create a third. The Pala Salsa contains 5 parts tomato and 13 parts celantro whereas the Adi brand of salsa contains 7 parts tomato and 2 parts celantro. Adya mixed X cups of Pala salsa with Y cups of Adi salsa to produce X+Y cups of the third brand (Adya was very careful not to spill any of the salsa!). If The final mixture contains twice as much tomato as celantro, what is X:Y?